Causes And Treatment For Hair Loss

How to treat your hair loss

Hair loss do not only reduce a person look, but it may also result in low confidence. In our societies, hair loss is attributed to old age but things have changed in the modern times and even the young people are losing their hair. With the increased consciousness of our appearance and the desire to look youthful, the natural hair loss with age has become undesirable to both men and women.

Initially, temporary measures were the only solution for the people suffering from hair loss. Such measures included the use of spray in hair to camouflage hair loss, use of fancy hair styles and the use of wigs. These measures used to be satisfactory, but they could never replace the actual hair. Fortunately, In modern days hair treatment is available in developed forms that can avert or treat hair loss.

When deciding on the hair loss treatment that is the best for yourself you should first determine the cause of your hair loss. There are various sources from where you can get information on the causes of the hair loss. You can get some of the information from the internet and also from books on hair loss and treatment.? The different causes of hair loss are treatable in different methods hence it is important first to understand the underlying cause of your hair loss.

Causes of Hair loss

Poor nutrition

Nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Lack of nutrients such as protein and iron can lead to hair loss. It is, therefore, advisable to consume a balanced diet that will help In solving your hair loss. When you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will find a decrease in hair loss and increased hair growth.


Hormone changes have also been attributed to hair loss to both men and women. Women in most cases suffer from hair loss when their hormonal levels change due to issues such as menopause and pregnancy. Treatment for the hair loss that is caused by hormonal changes is in the form of hormone replacements. When the hormones levels get back to normal, you will notice the level of your hair growth has changed.


When you are suffering from diseases like Cancer and Lupus, you might easily suffer from hair loss. After getting the medication for that specific disease, you will notice an increase in hair growth. There are different natural hair treatment s that are available to assist you in fighting hair loss caused by the diseases. Most of the natural hair loss treatments use the natural ingredients.

Those are some of the underlying reasons for hair loss that will help you in understanding what might be the cause of your hair loss. Apart from the natural treatments there is also laser hair treatment such as advanced hair. Laser hair treatment is considered to be one the best hair treatment method, but it can be painful and invasive. When selecting the hair loss treatment to use, you should always check ingredients used and the side effects that occur from using treatments.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Surgery For Hair Treatment

laserBy cutting the tissue of scalp with laser, laser surgery is done. Now a day, it is more effective to the new generation. It is normally used to enlarge the prostates of the scalps. Besides, it is vastly used in the modern civilization for the reduction of hair loss. Moreover it is used to remove the embarrassing hair from the body.

Advantages of the laser operations:

Instant medication: The operation will take only one hour. By this operation people will be free from the embarrassing moment of the day. The hair loss will be reduced instantly. But people need to think about the experienced doctor who will operate the operation. As scalp is the sensitive part of the human body, so people need to be more conscious at the time of operation. The doctors should be more sincere at the time of operation. The people will have found the result within two weeks.

Proper treatment of the hair loss: With this operation, people will be free from the hair loss problems. Though it is costly, it provides good security to the patient. No other treatments are as cure as laser treatment. People dont have to think for their hair loss problem after doing operation.

Permanent: The most appealing thing of this treatment is its duration. It will last for few years. The disadvantage of the other treatment is temporary.

Disadvantages of the treatment:

There are some disadvantages too. The common disadvantage of this treatment is its cost.

Expensive: It is one of the common corns of this surgical operation. People have to spend more than $ 4000 for this operation. The equipments which are used to generate this operation are very expensive. Besides, a laser is used to cut the tissue. So, people have to bear the costs of laser. Besides, people have to pay to the doctors for the operation. After all, it is not affordable for middle class people too. It is only available for the people who are ready to bear the expenses of the treatments.

Side effects: There are some side effects of using this treatment. swelling, inflammations can be shown after using this surgical operation. Besides, the patients who have problems in brain as like as brain cancer or brain tumor should avoid this surgical operation.

Precautions of the laser surgery: People need to take some necessary steps to avoid the complexity of laser treatment.

Experienced doctor: As it is the newer version of hair treatment, people need to be more conscious of choosing the right person who will generate the operation.

Proper equipments for the operation: It is more important to select the perfect equipments for the operations. In this case, patient and the guardian of the patient can discuss with the doctor about the products.

Consult more doctors before taking decision: As scalp is the sensitive part of the body, so people should consult more than two doctors or specialists before taking the decisions of operation. It is better to avoid this expensive treatment as far as possible.

Facts About Hair Loss

HairLoss1Hair loss can be called as a very common condition which will affect many people at some point in their lives. Hair loss from breakage of hair shaft is quite different than the loss of hair from decreased growth of hair. Androgenetic hair loss can be seen in both women and men but this gets worse with men. Many guys are even adpoting scalp micropigmentation to fix the problem at a new clinic in Austin. Thyroid diseases, protein deficiencies, low vitamin levels as well as anemia can affect the hair loss. Alopecia areata is a common cause of the hair loss which is usually resolving on its own. The medications include minoxidil and finasteride for the regrowth of hair. In order to prevent hair loss, regular shampooing, better hair hygiene and a good nutrition will be needed. Screening for the hair loss in medical health includes blood tests like complete blood count, vitamin B, thyroid function tests as well as iron level tests.

There are many causes for hair loss as there are many types of hair loss. So, finding the causes for these hair losses could be a challenging task. This article will cover the common causes for hair loss in most people which occur on their normal skin scalp. Medical term for hair loss is alopecia.

Most of the hair loss conditions are not related with the internal or systemic disease nor poor diet. Hair will get thin mostly due to the genetic factors which are predetermined as well as the overall process of aging. Majority of men and women will notice a mild physiologic hair thinning which will get started in their thirties and forties. Life vicissitudes which include illness, protein deprivation, emotional trauma as well as the hormonal changes which happens in situations like pregnancy, menopause and puberty will cause a reversible loss of hair.

Some health conditions such as thyroid disease and iron deficiency anemia will be causes for this hair loss. Thyroid blood tests as well as other lab tests which will include complete blood count on the people who are having normal hair loss will be normal usually, it is essential to exclude the underlying causes in severe or sudden hair loss. Such type of basic health screening tests could be done via an internist, gynecologist as well as family physician. The Dermatologists are known as the doctors who are specialized in areas like hair, skin and nails and will provide many advanced treatment and diagnosis of hair thinning and loss. In some situations a scalp biopsy can be taken in order to help in a diagnosis of an unexplained or severe hair loss.

Even though many of the medications list this hair loss among the potential side effects, majority of drugs are not likely to induce the hair loss. And on the other side, cancerchemotherapy and immunosuppressive medications will produce hair loss most commonly. A complete hair loss after chemotherapy will regrow after about six to twelve months. There are various ways to categorize hair loss. You must examine the scalp in order determine whether your hair loss is due to physical destruction or hair follicle loss.

What Is Hair Loss?

hairlossAs you are aware, hair is growing in every place on the skin of humans except the palms in your hands and soles of the feet, but many hairs are invisible virtually. From what your hair is made up of? Hair is made up of Keratin protein which gets produced in our hair follicles located on the outer layer of the skin. Because the follicles are producing new hair cells, the old cells are pushed out from the skin surface at a rate of six inches per year approximately. The hair which is visible for you is a string of dead cells made up of Keratin. An adult in his average age will have a loss of 100,000-150,000 of hair and per day it will be about hundred in number. But you do not need to worry about the few strands of hair in your brush every day.

At any pint of time, 90% of your hair is growing on the scalp. Each follicle does have a life cycle which can be affected by factors such as age, disease as well as many other factors. This particular life cycle of a follicle can be divided to three main stages. They are Anagen which is the active hair growth lasting between 2-6 years, Catagen which is the transitional hair growth which is lasting 2-3 weeks and Telogen which is the resting phase that lasts 2-3 months and at the end of this phase hair is shed and new hair replaces it and the cycle repeats again. When people are growing old with their age, the hair growth rate slows.

There are various types of hair loss which you should get to know. This hair loss is also called alopecia. Involutional alopecia is called as a natural condition where your hair thins gradually with the age. In this condition more follicles of hair go into the resting phase and remaining hair become fewer and shorter in number. In the condition Androgenic alopecia, this can affect both women as well as men as this comes with genetics. Men who have this condition which is called male pattern baldness will suffer from hair loss early when they are teens or in their early twenties. This condition is identified by the receding hairline as well as gradual hair disappearance from the frontal scalp and crown. If women have this, it is called female pattern baldness in which they will not experience thinning until they come to their 40s or even later. Women will have a general thinning over their entire scalp with more extensive loss at the crown. Alopecia areata will start suddenly most often and will cause patchy hair loss in young adults as well as in children. This will result in complete baldness sometimes which is called alopecia totalis even though 90% of the people, who are suffering from this, will return hair within few years. Alopecia universalis is a condition which will cause the hair in the whole body to fall which includes the hair in eyelashes, eyebrows and public hair.

Hair Loss Problem

hair lossEveryone experiences hair loss. It is quite normal that people will lose about 50-100 hair daily. So, how you can get to know that you are experiencing hair loss? If you see more thinning and bald patches, you can understand that you are experiencing loss of your hair. There are many reasons and causes for the hair loss. Women will experience hair loss after giving birth and people who are under a huge stress will also face a major loss of hair. Some medical treatments and diseases also will cause loss of hair. Do you know that your care for hair and also style can cause hair loss? The common cause for hair loss is mostly due to a medical condition known as hereditary hair loss. Millions of men and women are experiencing these types of hair loss. There are some other names for these types of hair losses such as Male-pattern baldness, Androgenetic alopecia and Female-pattern baldness. Fortunately majority of the causes for hair loss can be treated or stopped. Any person who has a hair loss trouble can see a dermatologist. And these doctors are specialized in skin, nails and hair.

Hair loss can cause bald patches, complete baldness and gradual thinning. So who are the people who are experiencing this hair loss? Millions of people are experiencing this problem as you already know. Some of the people can see their hair re-growing although they do not do anything while others will need a treatment in order to re-grow their hair. And there is a chance that your hair will not regrow sometimes. There are many reasons for your hair loss. When the hair loss gets started suddenly, causes can be because of diet, childbirth, medicine and illness. If the hair loss is becoming gradual and noticeable with time, that person may have a hereditary hair loss. Some hair practices can also cause a hair loss noticeably.

Following are some of the reasons which can cause hair loss. Hair disorder is one such reason which is hereditary baldness or thinning. This is the most common reason for hair loss. It will affect both men and women. This condition is experienced by millions of people across the world. When men are having hereditary hair loss, they will often get a receding hairline. Most of the men see bald patches on the top of the head especially. The initial symptom of this hair loss for most of the women is a widening part. In some rare cases, men will see a noticeable hair thinning and also in rare cases, women will see a receding hairline or bold patches. Reasons for these conditions are still unknown.

Hair loss can be the initial sign of a disease. About thirty diseases including anemia and thyroid diseases can cause hair loss. By treating the disease, this loss of hair can be reversed or stopped most often. After an illness, also people experience a hair loss. Major surgery, severe infection, high fever and even flu also can be a cause for the loss of hair. This type of hair loss is known as telogen.